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picture of trees
decorative box   what is the texture of the night? decorative box
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deep in the aquatic  
Acrylic on Canvas
400 x 1200mm
AUD $800.00
is a forest and
  abstract clouds  


Storm bounds upon the front - crashing an awakening.
Lightning slices the air,
as thunder quakes and shakes the hem of Mountain’s fleshy skirt... raking, scraping and charging the stagnant, heat-drugged air.

Life wakes, dishevelled and encrusted in sleep.
Climbing through the dense earthen strata... heavy-lidded, one-eyed dreamer dripping memories of Sometime, Something, Somewhere.
And crackling,
neurons fire as life breaks through and faces storm’s fierce stare.

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
  tap tap on my thumbs to see the greater picture...  
abstract colours   abstract kiss
heart girl
swirls handprint
baby in womb intenstines