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  Ain't No Chicken Walks The Blowfish Highwire
Acrylic on Canvas
900 x 450mm
Private Collection
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is a forest and
  chicken on a highwire  

Ain't No Chicken Walks The Blowfish Highwire

The crowd on the hilltop have all gathered there -
Dressed in their finest and touting their wares.
It’s Fair Day – for this they have waited all year,
And the highlight of course is about to appear…

It’s the moment he’s dreamt of - the time has now come,
As below in the distance start the beat of the drums.
The crowd starts to hush as they look way up high
And he takes a deep breath and steps into the sky…

He’s halfway there when his heart takes a flip
As Blowfish Pink shouts out, "Watch out dude… don’t trip!"
Blowfish Yellow laughs loud and the line starts to shake,
But Ain’t knows within that he’s got what it takes,

To do this – no question, he will have his glory!
They’ll be telling their grandkids the amazing story
Of the day back in ’60 when he walked the highwire
And generations to come will to his feat aspire!

So full of composure he centres his zen
And sure of his footing steps forward again.
He gets to the end, looks up with a grin
And pulls from his pocket a small golden pin…

The crowd down below him are all in a flutter,
Why, even the MC is starting to stutter!
"He’s done it!" "A marvel!" "My hero!" he hears
As he descends from the sky and his eyes fill with tears.

And as he recounts to the crowd the heart-stopping story
Of his finest moment, his penultimate glory,
No-one notices above them as they give him his crown,
Little pink bits of something drifting quietly down…

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
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blowfish   chicken skydiving
dog walking grandma
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