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  Grandma Harvests The Geckos
Acrylic on Canvas
450 x 450mm
AUD $600.00
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Grandma Harvests The Geckos

‘Twas the sunniest of days, Grandma thought to herself as she put on her best dress and boots -
She had waited all year for this marvelous day and soon she would harvest her loot!

She trembled with glee as she went to her shed where she put on her gardening gloves…
She had recently read that Gecko was ‘in’ kicking out last year’s fave - Turtle Dove.

She pulled out her pail and her best garden spade (it was delightful - the blade really sung!)
And gently she trod out into the yard to the Gecko bed covered in dung…

She knelt gently down and with her trained eye, selected a succulent leek…
She knew that beneath it a plump gecko grew for she had honed her own failsafe technique.

Delicately she grabbed the bright, fresh green end of the leek and with audacious strength,
Grandma dug and she pulled and grunted and tweaked until POP! It emerged ! What a length!

She held it before her, dangling in mid air, and with eyes big as saucers she grinned –
She would go to the fair and with her she’d take Gecko creamed and then smoked and then tinned!

And the very next week at the Grand County Fair Grandma stood with a satisfied smirk...
They’d bought every tin of her Gecko Delight – why, they‘d gone positively beserk!

there a goddess
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at other forms
of play...
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