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  Old Sailor Moon
Acrylic on Canvas
450 x 450mm
AUD $600.00
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is a forest and
  sailor fishing for rabbits  

Old Sailor Moon

Old Sailor Moon set out to sea in his humble fishing boat.
By the light of the stars he threw out a line and settled back gently to float.

He waited there calmly (he was not in a rush) as he hummed the old songs of the sea.
They would come he was sure – he’d done this before – they loved carrots with a tremulous glee.

Then as he was humming a song of the whale he saw something pale in the night …
A plump little sea rabbit popped up its head – now he just had to wait for the bite…

An hour passed by and more rabbits appeared but none were taking the bait…
It was a Seafarin’ Standoff – there was nothing to do

But to sit back and patiently wait. then at quarter past one (that’s am you know)
Sailor Moon felt a bit of a tug,
And lo and behold as he looked at the line on the carrot there hung quite a thug!

A fat, juicy rabbit was dangling there in the spray – it’s teeth clenched on firm.
And as it espied him its eyes opened wide and with vigour it started to squirm.

Locked in a battle of ferocious force, it was Man against Rabbit at sea!
Rabbit writhed and he tugged with all of his will but for Rabbit it was not meant to be.

For Old Sailor Moon had done this before – he was skilled in the ways of the beast,
And merrily he hummed as he reeled Rabbit in for tonight he was going to feast…

Then some hours later as he lazed by the hearth he noticed it needed a stoke,
And as he stood up, he spluttered and died from a rabbit bone stuck in his throat.

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
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