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on my style(s)...

As the artist Paul Klee wrote in his diary at the age of 34, "Colour possesses me… That is the meaning of this happy hour: colour and I are one. I am a painter.”

Those words resonate for me, as at a similar age I must acknowledge the same profound obsession. I am a colour addict ;-) and painting allows me to indulge in this addiction like a child let loose in a sweet shop!

My paintings are a sort of visual chronical of an emotional journey I am on… a snapshot of life as I explore it and as it explores me.

I paint primarily without motive. I am concerned with the journey, not the goal. As I take brush to paint to canvas I am moved by the colour, the pattern and form as it calls to me.... It’s like playing an instrument, making music or writing a score… I tweak and tune as I seek the song.

I call the process of my painting ‘seeing in sense’ (check out the game I made to help others explore this ‘space’).

I ‘see in sense’ as I paint by feel, and often the outcome will be as much a surprise to me as it is to anyone else...

Except, of course, when a whimsical notion takes me and I find myself the unwitting story-teller of a fanciful moment in an alternate realm, such as Ain’t No Chicken’s famous walk on the Blowfish Highwire or a glimpse of enduring love between Stripey Folk Under the Flame Trees… but to explain that would be an exercise in nonsense (an equally delightful realm of my obsession).

It is fair to say that what I seek in this space (ah, so I do have a motive!) is to connect with a place just beyond… beyond what we normally experience, see, touch or feel.

A dreaming, or an ether in which the unformed thoughts and unexpressed feelings of the world (that’s you, me, the birds and the bees) coalesce and find their own sur-reality.

And the poems? Well, they're like a postcard from the moment.

In conclusion, I can only hope you find a moment in one of my works to remember your own dreaming… For the world I paint is yours, equally as it is mine. It’s formed by all of our no-thoughts and un-feelings. I hope you will enjoy…

a little history...

I started painting in 2005, after having been a digital artist for 10 years.

I was going through some 'stuff' and did a painting to try and externalise it. I birthed a new addiction for myself... I couldn't stop! Over the next year I painted with obsession. Every spare moment I had would see me painting.

No sooner than I'd finished one I would start on another. Quickly the walls in the house I shared were overrun, and to my surprise I was also starting to sell them to friends and friends of friends who visited the house, which now looked more like a gallery.

I realised it was time to exhibit professionally - mainly as I had to make more wall space to support my addiction!

I had my first exhibition at Leif's Artspace, Brisbane, in April 2006. It was a great success! From that followed a group exhibition and a solo exhibition, both at New Farm Art Stockroom, later that year, and an exhibition in March 2007 at Lock 'n' Load Bistro, Brisbane.

The rest is yet to unfold...


there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...