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picture of trees
decorative box   what is the texture of the night? decorative box
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deep in the aquatic  

Acrylic on Canvas
610 x 910mm
AUD $700.00

is a forest and


Long ago there was an Ice Age in my heart… One moment when my Axis flipped, and all the Love in the World was Gone. He took me and loved me, then let Go and spurned me... Who could have known I’d stay trapped there so long? Icicles trickling from my heart it beat a trick on me, and grieving I blindly stayed by the empty, mocking grave of Love Long Gone. But life carries on, and the friction of voices and bodies blurring past me in my darkened vigil warmed the air. After all… ice does melt, with heat. Creaking I felt my knees move. Crippled I shakily stood. Stumbling blindly. Lurching wildly... And motion caused friction and ever so slowly my heart started to beat again... as friend.

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
  tap tap on my thumbs to see the greater picture...  
abstract colours   abstract kiss
heart girl
swirls handprint
baby in womb intenstines