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picture of trees
decorative box   what is the texture of the night? decorative box
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deep in the aquatic  
  Two x One
Acrylic on Canvas
450 x 1350mm
AUD $1000.00
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is a forest and
  two trees  

Two x One

She looked up and saw him. Startled, she blushed. She hadn’t seen him there but was now aware that he’d been watching her for a long, long time…

"You’ve been dreaming" he said, as he reached across and gently brushed a dry leaf from her shoulder.

"Yes" she replied, "I was lost in the softness of the earth between my toes, as I wished upon the stars not to feel so alone." He smiled… "But I’ve been by your side all along."

"Yes" she sighed, "Funny that."

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
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silent walkers   the old gods
the forest of dream sentinels
rainymorningland hope
the loving tree two by one