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  Dream Sentinels
Acrylic on Canvas
910 x 910mm
AUD $2,200.00
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elk   owl
wolf raven
is a forest and
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Dream Sentinels

Dishevelled and ragged the Little Boy Lost
Is turned and tipped by the storm of his thoughts,
Lost in the wilds of the dream.

Stumbling he falls and lands on his hands in the eye of the dream,
And all of a sudden the silence screams, then stops.

He looks around, bewildered…

Soft footfalls pass nearby,
And distant wolves cry as the eyes bear down all around him.

Trembling he locks into a paralysed stance
Watching the ravens, completely entranced as a weight bears down on his shoulder.

Talons curl deep into his fear charged flesh and his heart skips a beat as he wonders…
What monstrous spell he is under?

A voice deep and wise echoes into the night,
"You are safe in this place child. Fear not for your life for
Wherever your dreams may deliver you
We are here, always watching, your guardians true."

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
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silent walkers   the old gods
the forest of dream sentinels
rainymorningland hope
the loving tree two by one