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cats in garden
decorative box   what is the shape of laughter? decorative box
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sweet like candy  
  tap tap on my thumbs to see the greater picture...  
arch   texture
branch columns
river wobbly
column glass
line yeah
star streak of blue
water and coins electric blue
fuzzy squiggle
swish water
dark blue curve
dot blue
splash of blue swirl
she blushes pink
  blue and green glass  


In the dance there is a place
where two become one,
and time and space
merge in a synergetic tango.


On synergy...

Synergy or synergism (from the Greek synergos, meaning working together, circa 1660) refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than that predicted by knowing only the separate effects of the individual agents... more...

On tango...

The dance originated in lower-class districts of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The music derived from the fusion of music from Europe, the South American Milonga, and African rhythms... more...


as his red lips
beam like yellow
sun on a green
field and blue sky
washes grey away