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she blushes pink


As an artist how could I not enjoy photography?

Of course, while I'm busy snapping away I'm often gathering material for my other art, but I love it independently of it's usefulness as reference material too!

It's sort of the opposite to all my other creative endeavours though, in that it's about capturing something I see in the world as it is, and framing it, rather than making it up. (Ok, so once or twice my trigger happy pixel pinkie has enhanced the colours a *little*)

I had a very puzzling time of it trying to figure out the best way to categorise my pictures for you (there's so much that defies categorisation, and even more that can go either way), so in the end I chose to do it by colour. Given my love for and addiction to colour, this seemed only fitting!

It's still totally peppered with randomness, but aren't order and chaos eternal lovers in the universe anyway?

I hope you enjoy taking a peek at some of the things of the world that have caught my eye!

as his red lips
beam like yellow
sun on a green
field and blue sky
washes grey away