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cats in garden
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sweet like candy  
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arch   texture
branch columns
river wobbly
column glass
line yeah
star streak of blue
water and coins electric blue
fuzzy squiggle
swish water
dark blue curve
dot blue
splash of blue swirl
she blushes pink
  green and blue glass  


The green glass jellyfish blurts out bubbles as it undulates through liquid blue.

Here's a question for you: is glass a liquid or a solid?

And here are some interesting facts about jellyfish...

  • lacking basic sensory organs and a brain, jellyfish use their nervous system to perceive stimulii such as light or odour
  • in their adult form they arecomposed of 94-98% water
  • they have an incomplete digestive system, meaning the same orifice is used for both food intake and expulsion (talk about poo breath!)
  • they are not biologically 'fish' ... 'sea jelly' might be more appropriate!
as his red lips
beam like yellow
sun on a green
field and blue sky
washes grey away