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deep in the aquatic  
  Under The Lotus
Acrylic on Canvas
450 x 1350mm
AUD $1000.00
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flower   flowers
is a forest and
  flowers underwater  

Under The Lotus (section)

Under the lotus a thought catches in the web of life – illuminated for a moment as it snags the net and jars a memory…

…an old man suddenly remembers the smell of his mother’s milk, as his young grand-daughter next to him tastes the tantalising rush of guilt for the first time as she reaches out to steal a sweet scented lolly…

Then memory fades and guilt dissipates, as the thought frees itself
and slips through the net.

Under the lotus all things sway and writhe and bloom and decay...
Under the lotus you cannot run away from the crystalline urges of life.

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
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jellyfish   lotus
lotuses little fish
casting blue
as one