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  The Great Temptation of Little Fish
Acrylic on Canvas
450 x 900mm
AUD $850.00
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green and orange    
is a forest and

The Great Temptation of Little Fish (section)

"Bite! Little Fish, bite!" said the main in the boat,
"For I’m going to market today, and my load is too light
Won’t you please take a bite of this worm I am dangling your way?"

"Swim! Little Fish, swim!" Whispered the Great Fish of Fate,
"Or that worm will indeed be your last! It is tempting for sure,
But ‘tis really a lure – if you bite it you’ll end up on a plate!"

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
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jellyfish   lotus
lotuses little fish
casting blue
as one