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Amok Creative: Ecotourism Australia: Eco Certification Application

Ecotourism Australia (EA) is the peak industry body for ecotourism operators in Australia. EA is responsible for the development and administration of the Eco Certification Program, which serves as the official "tick of approval" for certified nature and ecotourism operators.

One of Ecotourism Australia’s most important roles is developing and managing the Eco Certification program, providing a benchmark for sustainable tourism operators throughout Australia (a program which is being adapted by many countries world wide).
Amok is playing a critical role in developing an online version of the Eco Certification process.

This involves taking a 117 page questionnaire, and converting it into a database driven website which allows users to complete their application across multiple sessions, and automatically calculates their current status.

Through an intensive consultation and technical design process, Amok Creative developed a detailed technical plan for the online certification system, complete with screen designs, data flow maps, production schedule and budget.

As a contractor for creative design agency Amok Creative, I designed the user interface for Ecotourism Australia's Eco Certification online application screens, based on the visual look of the Ecotourism website.

Amok is currently working with EA to finalise funding to implement the plan they have developed.

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