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Zero Game Studio: Ouroboros

The Zero Game Studio, a unit of The Interactive Institute of Sweden, was a computer games research studio comprised of academics, scientists, artists and writers, whose mandate was research and development in the field of deep characterisation and dramatic game play in game.

My position there was Artist & Researcher. I was Art Director for the studio's main game project, Ouroboros - a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game environment. Ouroboros was an examination of the studio themes in the context of massively multiplayer on-line games. The project also investigated the use of artificial life and in-game player driven content creation tools.

The goal of Ouroboros was to develop an innovative operational virtual world in which players can experience and articulate a poetics of game play within a mythic, rich, complex and evolving virtual space.

I designed the user interface and built in Dreamweaver the game website. It's rich and mythic like the content of the game world.

See my Ouroboros concept art and character/object models.

Ouroboros Website

Ouroboros Project

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