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Education Queensland International: Product Overview Brochure

Education Queensland International (EQI) is the international arm of the Queensland Department Of Education, Training and The Arts (DETA). They manage and promote academic and holiday study programs for international students in Queensland Government high schools, and also license the Queensland curriculum to international educators.

As the Senior Communications Officer (Web, Multimedia & Print) for EQI I developed a global brand strategy for the department, and have implemented this across their marketing materials.

Above are sample pages from EQI's 2007 Product Overview Brochure, which is distributed to agents internationally and at international education fairs to market EQI's programs to prospective students and parents thereof.

This particular publication needed to be more visually dynamic than some of EQI's other marketing collateral (eg. application form and annual report) as it is targeted primarily at a youth market, but still adhere to the governmental templates established in EQI's brand strategy.

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