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Education Queensland International

Education Queensland International (EQI) is the international arm of the Queensland Department Of Education, Training and The Arts (DETA). They manage and promote academic and holiday study programs for international students in Queensland Government high schools, and also license the Queensland curriculum to international educators.

As the Senior Communications Officer (Web, Multimedia & Print) for EQI I have been resonsible for development of a global brand strategy for the department, and creation and management of all their marketing and promotional materials.

EQI required a brand that would identify them competitively in the international education market, present them as professional, trustworthy, dynamic and modern, and emote the freshness and vibrance of Queensland as a destination whilst still being clearly a part of the DETA's overall brand.

From extensive research internally and externally, I developed a global brand strategy for them which included a colour palette (green, orange and reds), adopted the DETA's international trade and export templates, successfully presented the brand to internal and external stakeholders, implemented it across all media and created a style guide for distribution to all EQI participant school alliances.

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